I'm Darius. A Web Designer Making the Web a Better Place.

Welcome to my web design website. This site is an example of the work I can do. Be sure to cruise around the site and go thru my portfolio.  When are ready to start on a project of your own, be sure to fill out the form for a consultation.

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Online Media

We provide a list of different services that all relate to online media. We can help from logo creation to web design and more. Check out more details of what we do by clicking the services button.

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Media Creation

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Website Design

Check Out My Sweet Portfolio

Of course, you want to see what we can do. I have only recently started actually capturing all the projects I do. I am creating a portfolio now that shows you my latest projects. I update this several times a month.


About Me

Hello! I’m Darius. I’ve Been Building Websites Since 2013.

I started off by being really good at math when I was younger. Those skills have led me to a bunch of freelance projects that I have done over the years. 2018 is the first year where I have been doing web design full time and I have fun with what I am doing.

  • Front-End Web Design
  • Media Creation
  • Back-ENd COding


  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Premiere)
  • Mircosoft Office (Excel, Word, and Powerpoint)
  • Online Website Platforms (WordPress, Shopify, and BigCommerce)


  • Youtube
  • Self-Taught
  • Online Resources

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