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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does Darius Charge?

I charge on a project by project basis. It really does depend on what is needed to be done and how much will be provided by each party. I can create the content and pretty much make an idea turn into reality with a creative web design.

Where do Darius Usually make His websites?

I usually work with WordPress. I have the experience and resources to build on most platforms that are available in today’s market from Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and many more.  

WHat are Darius' usual Turn around times?

A project can be short as hours but it really does come to what is needed on a website. We also help with domain registry and hosting solutions. The longest time I have spent on a project is a month, and that was an e-commerce store a large number of products.

Why are You So Awesome?

If you are actually reading these, you are awesome for doing some homework. 

How much will Darius Contribute?

Honestly, I can pretty much create all content for you. When I write I try to use some SEO strategies that can help with getting searched online from search platforms. I can even help with creatives, like logos and custom photos using photoshop. So, pretty much I can contribute a lot to help put creative ideas together. 

What's the best way to contact Darius?

Email. I also respond to people who fill out the form above because that also goes straight to my email. So email away, but don’t be spam.

How does Darius take payments?

Honestly, if you have a proper money bag with a dollar sign on it then this is the best way. Other than that I take Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle. I do not take checks at the moment because I just don’t want to. Too much paper. Sometimes fees apply with the exchange of funds for service.

DO Darius do Returns?

Simple terms, NO. I ask for all funds upfront. You will have a detailed invoice of the tasks I will perform. Once started, there is no going back. We making this website… 

Will I be able to edit my site Afterward?

Depending on the type of site you may have limited restrictions, and trust me they are for your own good sometimes. Especially if you don’t know how to code. Other than that you usually get full control and can do whatever you want with it in the future. If monthly management is needed, we can possibly work out terms to do so. 

What if I don't have the money for the project?

Well, we can take a quick trip down the financial lane and see if an agreement can be made. No garuntees